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Workflow Optimisation


Save your time and money We consult and help to streamline your existing workflow to make a process faster, cheaper, smoother, and more efficient.

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ERP System

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Streamlined SOP

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Fleet Management App

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Digital Workspace

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ERP System

PMO Dashboard on iMac. Statistics and numbers on tablet

Project Management Office System 


  • OutSystems-based centralized system for projects management by project management office   


  • Self service for managers updating project status, budgeting and forecast  
  • Interactive dashboard providing overview and custom drill-down for projects status and cost

Streamlined SOP (Standard Operation Procedure)

E-form management portal on desktop. E-form app on tablet

Smart e-Forms 


  • Web and mobile app system that transform complex paperwork of daily maintenance work records to e-forms 
  • Helps user to perform preventive and corrective maintenance work in depots to ensure work safety 
  • With dynamic e-Form engine, user can create forms for new work instruction easily and quickly   


  • Self-defined e-forms for different inspections 
  • Automated management and approval work flow

Fleet Management App

Bus assignment and management on desktop. Bus routes on mobile.

Real-time Bus Management 


  • Arrange Shuttle Bus service as a supplementary measure 
  • Relieving the passenger demand between the affected stations during serious train service disruption in case 
  • Company can utilising resources in a effective way   



  • Automatic booking prioritisation 
  • Route management and searching 
  • Bus vacancy and usage report
Realtime map on tablet. Roster record on tablet

Manpower Deployment and Reporting 


  • System designed for train incident report and real time communication 
  • Supporting flexible duty job nature of more than 200 staff members team   


  • Perform real time man-power management and staff monitoring 
  • Generate incidents and activities reports

Digital Workplace

Customised Sharepoint Page on Desktop and Tablet

SharePoint Customisation 


  • Upgrade company portal from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online for information publishing, document distribution and management 
  • Revamped the de-support issue with enhancement on report flow and migrated data from on-premise service to SharePoint Online   



  • Perform document management and advanced search 
  • Apply interactive layout for enterprise subsidiary information 
  • Update Event photo gallery 
  • Magazine and report publishing